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About Scott Harding Photo

scott hardingAbout Scott

Scott Harding is an outdoorsman, kayak guide, paraglider pilot and  professional photographer. A self-taught visual artist, Scott navigates his craft with new and creative imagery that uniquely combines emotion, spirit, concept, and perspective. The results appear in international ad campaigns, magazines, catalogs, websites,  environmental campaigns, and on the walls of homes and offices throughout the nation. 

scott harding on a wild salmon photo shoot, salmon river, californiaScott lives in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion, a spectacular and diverse area of mountains, wild rivers, ancient forests, and untouched coast in Northern California and Southern Oregon.  It is here that he shoots many of his photos and finds the beauty and spirit that inspires his work.

Sustainable Business Practices

Scott Harding Photo is fully committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  This commitment to sustainability includes:

  • using bicycles & trailers for local & regional transport (3500+ miles and counting...)
  • driving a fuel-efficient, biodiesel-powered vehicle
  • utilizing refurbished office electronics
  • reducing resource consumption & recycling waste
  • using digital photography and online image submissions whenever possible
  • banking with a non-corporate local credit union
  • supporting numerous environmental organizations
  • powering this website with 100% wind energy
  • Commitment to Sustainability

    Scott Harding Photo seeks to operate with respect to the planet, all of its life and systems, peoples and cultures, and with the goal of contributing to a positive and sustainable future for all.


    About Assignment Work

    Looking for a photographer? I welcome project work and challenging assignments.  With special emphasis on outdoor photography, adventure sports, recreation, the environment, human-nature interaction, sustainable tourism, and natural lifestyles, I'm available for photo assignments anywhere in the world.  Please call or email to discuss your particular needs.

    Specialized skills include:

  • in-the-water sports photography (splash zone)
  • high speed action sports photography
  • class 5 whitewater paddling & photo skills
  • flatwater paddling & photo skills
  • extensive wilderness & travel experience
  • road & mountain cycling/touring abilities
  • low light and moonlight photography
  • aerial photography & more
  • I'm well-organized, outgoing, and bring along enough adventure and fun to go around.  I shoot with the highest quality Canon 35mm digital and film camera equipment.  All of my work is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.  Call or email for details.

    Location Information

    The area outside my front door is a treasure chest of biodiversity and wild, rugged beauty.  Spanning parts of Southern Oregon & Northern California, the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion is home to an abundance of wild rivers, vast tracts of wilderness, a diverse array of coastlines, giant redwoods, old growth forests, rocky peaks, alpine lakes, and even sage and juniper desert hills.

    Apart from being a stunning & globally unique region, this an outrageous and underutilized location for all types of photo shoots.  And it's a place I know inside and out.  So whether your photo shoot needs a rainforest backdrop, a vast desert, rugged granite peaks, or rolling blue ocean waves--or all of these--it's my backyard.

    Learn how you can help protect this amazing place by visiting the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center.

    Other Services

    Location Scout

    Scott is available for location scouting and consulting work in Northern California and Southern Oregon.  His personal experience and expertise can help you get the right location for your film or photo project.  Please call or email to discuss your particular needs.

    Photography Workshops & Instruction

    Are you a photographer looking to unlock your potential and begin creating the images you always dream about?  From time to time, Scott leads customized photo workshops and personalized photo and digital imaging instruction. Please call or email for more info.

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